Which is the best material for tensile structure ?

While it is widely known that tensile structure has many reward over a conventional brick and concrete structure, what we seldom doesn’t give heed is to the equipment used in the production of tensile membrane – the building block of tensile structure. In this article we will look at some common tensile membrane resources.

Architects recommending Tensile structures

Why are Architects recommending Tensile structures nowadays?

Architects are the master of their creation and their creation is what gives us shelter in the face of great weather elements like sun and rain. Of late, though, we have been seeing a change in their preference. The ones who used to design and recommend structures made of existing are now increasingly moving towards tensile structure. So much so that they have been known a new name tensile architect.

Ever since its creation, tensile structure has grown by leaps and boundaries. From very simple single dome structure to the in attendance day multiple curvature structures, tensile structure has certainly came a long way. But what is powerful this trend? Why architects are increasingly recommended them nowadays? In this article we will look at 9 features of tensile structures that are exclusive to them –

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