Tensile Structure

Tensile structure

Specialist in Designing and Building Tensile Structures

Tensile Structure

Ever since it came into reality, tensile structure has racked up a storm in structure design and construction. And why not? It comes with benefits in great quantities. Easy to install and cheaper to continue, tensile structure is a standard of durability, elasticity, strength, weather resistance, flame resistance, aesthetics and elegance. Depending on the type of fabric being used it can exhibit special property as well.

Tensile structure consists of fabric which is kept taut by the force of strain. By adjusting the positions of supports and anchorages, if any, many wonderful designs and shapes in the form of curvatures can be generated. These structures find a wide range of function in car parking sheds, walkway structure, industrial structures, tensile structure cover for auditoriums and swimming pools, retractable tensile structure etc..

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